.​.​. But Sometimes We Cannot Sleep

by The Chronic Sleepers

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released January 23, 2013

Recorded on December 2012 @ Studio 71, Bratislava-Rusovce, Slovakia (studio71.sk)
Mixed and mastered by Tomáš Krchlík @ Studio 71



all rights reserved


The Chronic Sleepers Šenkvice, Slovakia

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Track Name: Sometimes We Cannot Sleep
You can do it with me
You can do it with me
Sometimes we cannot sleep
You can do it!

You cannot leave
You cannot hide
You cannot breath just like me
You fell to sleep
But you know it’s time to leave
And I swear that you can do it with me

You flew away
It’s been so hard to stay
I question myself for one more night
I was a fool
To every soul I knew
And I swear that you can do it with me
Track Name: Do It Yourself (But With Me)
Tell me, do
What I am to do
I’ll never get too old to sleep with you
Macho dude
Stands in my view
Don’t bother me in sleep, explain your rules

Cause you’re everything
Yes, it’s you
Because it’s you!

It’s deep in you
Just simply do
You can lose yourself in me, do what you do
It’s hard to say
You’ll never find a way
You’re too young to accept me without a pain

I’ll never get too young for you
Desire get you in my room
Take a deep breath, destroy your school
I’m not the only one who care for you
Track Name: I Gotta Question
I’ve finally found you
Look outta your door
They said you’ve got nothing more
But you gotta key out of my misery

I gotta question
But you gotta too
I’ll be the one who’ll save your body fluids in me
To stop our misery

I don’t like you
Every time when die a friend
I don’t trust you
Oh no, not you again!

Never to listen
Nobody but you
I eat my breakfast at noon
Is here anybody like me?

Never to dinner
Never to hope
That my life will ever be more than a catastrophe
You gave them your ashes, your ashes for free
It’s time to make you lobotomy
You’re starting to feel
Like barefoot ballerine

You gave them your wisdom
You gave them your hope
You gave them your smile all people loved
And you gave them the key out of your misery
Track Name: Porcelain Eyes
In our lies and in our needs
We promise you that you won’t weep
When you’ll walk alone, alone tonight

I can’t write
I cannot write without your eyes
You’ve just said I’ve been a fool but you don’t mind
You could smile
On every word I had to say
All the lies
You ain’t that good to show me my way

All I see is eye of pain
Let’s throw away all your blame
Don’t mind me, no, don’t be my slave
Track Name: Like in Old Days
I couldn’t keep
This secret you have told me
Someday we’ll meet
And you won’t believe

The promise was sweet
I’ve never broke it so cheap
You think it’s me
And still don’t believe

That cry is a smile
Sometimes I drown you in a poisoned wine

You can give me your sorrow
You can give me your smile
You can await me tomorrow
Call me when you’ll have to cry

I couldn’t breathe
Someday you will find me
You’ll think I sleep
And still won’t believe

That I’ve died with a smile
Sometimes we live and sometimes we die

We’re gonna smile
Like in old days
We’re gonna cry
Like in old days